Your child has learned the following letter names and sounds: Ll, Oo, Gg, Hh, Tt, Pp, Aa, Nn, Mm, Ii, Ss, Ff, Rr, Kk, Bb

Your child has learned the following phonics concepts: vowels, capital/lowercase letters, same/different sounds, rhyming, counting words in a sentence, beginning sounds, ending sounds, blending sounds to read, coding short vowels with a breve, reading sight words, counting syllables, double consonants, blends 

Your child should be able to read the following words: log, hog, got, hot, lot, tot, top, hop, pop, got, lot, plot, pot, gag, gap, hat, lag, lap, pal, pat, tag, tap, an, ant, nag, nap, not, on, pan, pant, tan, am, ham, man, map, mat, mom, mop, him, hint, hip, hit, in, it, linp, lip, lit, mint, nip, pig, pin, pit, tilt, tin, tip, gas, hiss, its, loss, mass, miss, moss, pass, sag, sap, sat, sill, sip, sit, sits, toss, fan, fast, fat, fig, fill, film, fin, fist, fit, flag, flap, flat, flint, flip, flop, fog, golf, if, lift, loft, off, sift, sniff, soft, stiff- This word list will continue to grow as students learn more letter/sounds, but we will no longer post new words here. Your child should be able to read any word with the simple sounds of the letters listed in the Letter Names and Sounds section above. 

Sight words your child should be able to read: the, a, to, of, I, by, do, is, for, from